Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA

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Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA capped
Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA
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Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA

Vape Spectator Review:

Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA is the latest and greatest in the world of dripping. The Glossy Glass RDA strives to be the best BF RDA available today.

To be used with any “Squonk” box the bottom feed RDA has a small hole in the pin that allows the juice to flow through and soak up your cotton placed in your atomizer deck. This is a very popular way of dripping because you never have to take the top cap off to add juice and you don't have to always keep your bottle of liquid in your pocket to refill your dripper.

By keeping your top cap on the whole dripping experience becomes much more pleasant by no longer making a mess with e-liquid whenever you take on and put back on the top cap. You also eliminate the problem of over dripping by squonking because any excess juice that is sitting on the bottom of your drip well will be sucked back up in the bottle automatically. Now you also never have to guess if your cotton is saturated or not with the full glass window you can easily view your cotton wick. Finally you can drip and drive without compromising your safety because with a bottom feed device to re drip the cotton you only have to use one hand to squeeze the bottle in the device.

Squonker devices are extremely popular but known for being either high end and expensive or very big will poor quality parts. Glossy wanted to remedy that problem and brought in the experts to design a high quality RDA with bottom feed capabilities that is not only affordable but could also compete with other high end BF atomizers, not only has the Glossy BF RDA shown us that quality doesn't always have to mean expensive and this RDA proves that flavor and vapor production directly reflects on the craftsmanship of the device which makes the Glossy BF RDA the most consistent RDA available today.

As an added bonus, we've included our temperature treated LED Lights and a sheet of our SAISEI Organic Japanese Cotton.

Installing and removing the LED lights are simple and require only a pair of pliers and screwdriver. Simply attach the positive end to your positive post and the negative end to the negative post. You can either thread the wires through the post holes or wrap it around the screw on top.

After installing you'll love how your RDA lights up with every puff. Perfect for taking out at night and getting noticed.

RDA Pyrex Glass Atomizer Features:

  • Pyrex Glass Top Cap and Drip Tip Combo
  • Full Clear Glass Viewing
  • Stainless Steel Atomizer Base
  • Wide Wire Holes Compatible with Low Wire Gauge and Competition Wire.

Glossy Glass Bottom Feed RDA Includes:

  • Vape LED Lights 1 each color including Green, Blue, White
  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Glass Top Cap with infused Glass Drip Tip
  • 4 post Deck with wide wire holes
  • 1 Protective Vape Band